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"We were fortunate enough to have met Elle just as we were bringing our brand to life and preparing for our launch. We needed someone to bring together everything into concise branding messages. She listened carefully to our vision and the spirit behind what we are building. The messaging she brought to us for multiple segments that we were looking to support and bring together was on point. She really managed to make magic out of all the things we wanted to say and convey but found hard to articulate, especially as founders who live and breathe the company every day. We found ourselves constantly referencing “Elle’s Messaging” as we worked together, on our website, marketing materials, market surveys, investor discussions and more. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and was very thoughtful every step of the way."

Laila Aitken and Heather Steer,

"Elle is a triple threat - she is a wiz at marketplaces, the sharing/gig economy, and the whole marketing arena. As a startup founder that needs to move quickly with big outcomes and manage a tight budget, the fact that Elle hit the ground running with exceptional contribution has been invaluable to us. And the cherry on top is that she’s a complete joy to work with and truly generous with her talents and network."

Gina Farish, Founder & CEO, SHAREMRKT

"Having Elle on board at Kesero has been an absolute game-changer for us. Elle initially offered to have a chat. In that short introduction, I came away with solid advice and honest feedback. She took the time to understand the model, what we are trying to achieve, helping me see where the current messaging was going wrong. Elle has since joined us as Brand Advisor and has really helped us create clear, compelling content to speak directly to our target audience and with confidence. She has a real passion for all things sharing economy and is hugely positive about what the future will look like in this space. Honest, insightful, and funny. It's been a real pleasure."

Emma McConalogue, Founder, Kesero

“Elle has served on the Advisory Committee for my startup, Ziscuit, since May 2020.  Ziscuit is a 2-sided marketplace where grocery stores bid to fulfil shoppers’ grocery lists.  As a 2-sided marketplace, branding and marketing are critical to solving Ziscuit’s proverbial “chicken-and-egg” problem. Elle was instrumental in defining Ziscuit’s target market and the channel strategy to speak to this audience. She created Ziscuit’s social media strategy and developed Ziscuit’s brand messaging, as well as coining the phrase, “When It Comes To Your Grocery Budget, Don’t Risk It. Just Ziscuit" – a brand message I attribute to the significant increase in website conversations. If you are a gig, sharing, or platform economy startup founder, Elle should be on the shortlist of people you consult before spending your marketing and PR dollars.” 

Mark Anthony Peterson, Founder and CEO, Ziscuit

"Elle is an extremely valuable thought leader when it comes to issues around the sharing and gig economy. Her insights and understanding of how the sharing and gig economy impacts today's organization are unmatched. Elle is one of those people who has the ability to take complex marketing and business challenges and rapidly solve them with flawless execution. What I love most about Elle is her passion and ability to take a company to the next level through strong communication and collaboration. I highly recommend Elle as she is an amazing person to work with and elevates everyone around her." 

James Zimbardi, CEO,

"I have had the pleasure to work with Elle in a few different capacities – she is a seasoned  professional who’s a journalist, facilitator and speaker. We initially met through a media opportunity. She impressed me with her ability to develop a relationship virtually, warmly establish rapport with our executives and facilitate a smooth interview. My company hired her later to facilitate a fireside chat and she did her magic again! She’s a natural interviewer who knows how to ask probing questions in a way that opens people up and reveals new insights. Best of all, she’s a lovely human being who I’m honoured to know."

Angela Romei, Corporate Communications Director, Mitek

"Elle is an expert on the marketplace economy. Her knowledge of the industry is excellent and she is my first port of call for getting connected to anyone who's anyone in the platform space. Her work is creative, innovative and executed with a level of passion unmatched by any other consultants I've worked with."

Sara Green Brodersen

International expert and speaker on trust and the sharing economy

"Elle has been an integral part of the Marketplace Risk platform, from helping connect the worldwide sharing economy for the Global Summit, to developing and delivering content for hundreds of sharing economy and marketplace startups at the Marketplace Risk Management Conference. Elle is a trusted and experienced industry expert and resource for the entire Marketplace Risk platform."

Jeremy Gottschalk

Founder, Marketplace Risk

"Elle is a cheerleader for all things peer-to-peer and both passionate and informed about this space. She’s never short of ideas (or contacts) and is positive and creative to work with."

Dominick Moxon-Tritsch

Future of transport and 

micromobility policy expert

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