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Eleanor Tucker Sharing Economy Consultant &Speaker

Eleanor (Elle) is a former newspaper and magazine features writer and advertising creative. She worked in award-winning marketing agencies before becoming a writer for world-renowned media groups such as the Guardian and the BBC commentating on health, society, sustainability, tech and lifestyle. She went on to co-found the first communications agency to focus on the sharing economy, then a trailblazing marketing agency specialising in two-sided (P2P) marketplaces.

Passionate about the potential of online platforms to democratise, empower communities and help us live more sustainably, Eleanor now speaks, writes and advises on sharing economy models – working internationally in this space helping start-ups and scale-ups to launch, grow and thrive. Originally from Oxford, England, Eleanor was educated at Edinburgh University in Scotland, where she now lives with her husband and two children.

Advisory and consulting work

Eleanor's work is specifically focused on sharing, gig, circular and marketplace platform models. She draws on her experience as a successful journalist, as a creative in marketing and advertising – and adds nearly a decade at the heart of the global sharing economy into the mix, to deliver a truly one-of-a-kind offering. An all-rounder, Eleanor helps start-ups and scale-ups with their business development, to get clarity on their model, enter new territories and find partners and collaborators, and supports them in telling their stakeholders a compelling brand story.

She also works with accelerators/incubators, service providers (e.g. in the trust & safety space) as well as with corporates who want to discover opportunities within the sharing economy and explore circularity. For Eleanor, it's more than just passing on ideas, it's providing invaluable insights and actionable steps, making connections and offering insider tips with a clear road map. It's no wonder she sits on the boards of some of the most exciting companies in the sharing economy ecosystem – and that clients call her their 'secret weapon'.

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