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In her fascinating, down-to-earth and funny talks, Eleanor demystifies the sharing economy by sharing her own experiences giving up buying, and embracing swapping, borrowing and renting. She uses her experiences of trying out various ways of sharing for her book to inspire organisations and their employees.

  • What is the sharing economy?

  • How it can guide us to live better lives and help the planet

  • The history behind sharing – and how technology has led a revival

  • What types of sharing there are

  • 10 ways to start sharing today

  • The pros and cons, plus tips on how to share, what to share – and why

  • What can businesses do – can they share too? (The answer is YES)

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The time is right for companies to think of ways to encourage staff to live more sustainably both in and outside the workplace, educate about the sharing economy and its benefits – and meet CSR goals too.

The sharing economy (apps that let you rent a dress from someone, share your car, or borrow gardening tools from a neighbour, as a few examples) is set to become mainstream. But many people aren’t sure how to be part of it, or even what it is.

Firstly, it’s not about going off grid, or foraging for food. The sharing economy is about small changes to our day-to-day lives – about doing things like we used to, just taking the good bits with the help of technology. It’s about living more sustainably, making – or saving – some money (much needed in the current cost of living crisis), and creating powerful connections, online and off.

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