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Event at The Trouble Club

Eleanor appeared at the Trouble Club - an event called "Sharing is Caring" - to talk about her book and the year-long experiment documented in it.

The Trouble Club is not a typical club; it's a vibrant community of forward-thinking women united by a shared passion for exploring the pressing issues of our time and driving meaningful change. It has hosted renowned speakers such as Mary Beard, Kate Adie, Margaret Atwood, Malala Yousafzai and Michelle Obama.

Eleanor was interviewed by Francesca Edmondson of The Trouble Club, who asked, what is the Sharing Economy? How can it help us live more affordable, more sustainable, and ultimately more fulfilling lives? What would happen if for one year a family pledged to share as much as they possibly can? Instead of owning more and more stuff, what it's like to stop owning things and borrow, lend, rent and swap instead? The lively discussion covered the little things (food, clothes) and the bigger things (cars, furniture, the space around us), and explored how the growth of tech has revolutionised an age-old practice.


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