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Platform Leaders panel event

Eleanor recently chaired a panel discussion on the role of platforms in driving the circular economy and fostering sustainable ecosystems. The session, "How Can Platforms Power the Circular Economy to Build Sustainable Ecosystems?", was for a Platform Leaders event called 'The Future of Digital Platforms'. Platform Leaders is an initiative organised by Launchworks & Co, dedicated to promoting collaboration among platform leaders and stakeholders.

The panel featured industry experts who provided valuable perspectives on leveraging platforms for sustainability. Lucy Peacock, Head of Pre-loved Fashion at eBay, shared insights into eBay's initiatives to promote circularity within the fashion industry. Tom Berry, Senior Director of Sustainable Business at FARFETCH, brought his wealth of knowledge on implementing circular economy strategies in the luxury fashion market.

Under Eleanor's moderation, the panel discussed various aspects of platform business models and circular economy principles, including successful examples of circular platforms and their impact on sustainability, strategies to encourage circular practices, the importance of partnerships in driving the circular economy, and the challenges and solutions in scaling up circular platforms. The discussion also explored the benefits and challenges associated with the resale model compared to the peer-to-peer rental (sharing) economy model within the context of circularity.


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