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Eleanor Tucker

Author, Speaker, Event Host, Advisor, Mentor, Board Member and Sharing Economy Consultant

Eleanor Tucker Sharing Economy Consultant and Advisor

'Thanks for Sharing' – Eleanor's 'hilarious and brilliantly topical' part memoir, part guidebook to the sharing economy – is out now.

Thanks for Sharing book by Eleanor Tucker

"If you want a glimpse at what life will look like by the end of the 2020s, you simply must read 'Thanks for Sharing.'"

Tessa Clarke, Co-founder and CEO, Olio

“What a brilliant, no-nonsense guide to the sharing economy for people who have a life, too. Elle has tried it all out so we don’t have to!”

Jane Shepherdson, Chair of My Wardrobe HQ, Sustainable Fashion Industry expert, ex CEO Whistles and Topshop

"'Thanks for Sharing' is a very funny insight into a world of sharing that inspires action almost instantly."

Emma McConalogue, Founder, Kesero

"What an uplifting and inspiring read!"

Laura Young ('Less Waste Laura') Climate activist, public speaker, zero waste advocate and environmental scientist

"Thanks for Sharing' is a no-holds-barred, witty guide to sharing in the 21st century."

Rebecca Heaps, Founder, Tentshare

Advisory Panel, Shared Advisory
Advisory Board Member, Drive Co
Co-Founder and CMO, NOMADO
Mentor, Barclays Eagle Labs
Advisor, Ziscuit
Advisor, YuTU
Advisory Board, Tot Loft
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